Welcome to St. Thomas

Imagine a place for worship and ministry that feels like home, a place with people who know each other, care for each other, pray for each other, and help each other and those in need both inside and outside their church. That place is St. Thomas Episcopal Church, a church with a rich and blessed heritage since her founding in 1858! We are a group of people committed to the ministry of Jesus Christ in the City of Greenville Alabama, Butler County and the world. We are the only Episcopal Church in the county and offer a variety of service and worship opportunities to assist you in growing your understanding of and faith in Jesus Christ.

It is our hope and prayer that by belonging to St. Thomas, we come to know and follow Christ more fully through worship, study and action. Quite simply, we enjoy being together, regardless of the occasion and we build upon the strength of our fellowship and friendship to express our faith in Christ. We invite you to come and see for yourself that which words cannot fully describe. Welcome to St. Thomas!

Upcoming Events

begins January 1st, 2015. Please think and pray about accepting the 20+1+5 one year challenge that requires your commitment to 20 min of prayer each day, 1 hour of worship per week, and 5 hours of service each month.

Sunday Morning Breakfast
The men of St. Thomas provide breakfast at 8:30 AM on mornings that Sunday School is held.

Worship Times

9:00 AM Christian Education - No Sunday School during June & July

10:00 AM Service and Holy Eucharist