The young people of St. Thomas assist Father Reid and the Lay Eucharistic Ministers during our worship service. As acolytes, you receive your assignment to either be the crucifer, server, torch bearer or Bible presenter. Each of these roles has different responsibilities that facilitate the flow of the service. Come have some fun with us, speak with Father Reid about the possibility of serving as an acolyte!
3rd Quarter Acolyte Schedule
4th Quarter Acolyte Schedule

Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM’s) serve as a vital part of the worship team. During worship, LEM’s read the Old and New Testament letters and Psalms, read the prayers of the people and serve as Chalice bearers during communion. LEM’s are licensed by our Bishop based on a criteria developed by the Episcopal Church. If you want to learn more about Lay Eucharistic Ministry, please speak with Father Reid.
3rd Quarter Lay Reader Schedule
4th Quarter Lay Reader Schedule

Worship could not possibly feel complete or fulfilling without the leadership and presence of the St. Thomas choir members. Their commitment of time for rehearsal and at worship as well as sharing their voices is a gift to our worship experience. The choir provides the foundation for the singing of hymns and offertory anthems during our Sunday services. Additionally, our choir members provide choral music for special services offered to the community throughout the year. Please speak with James Warren if you have an interest in becoming a part of this vital aspect of our worship.

Altar Guild
Members serve as quiet supporters of our worship ministry. Before every service, guild members set up the altar and the church hangings based on the hangings and the service that is to be celebrated. This includes providing the appropriate amount of bread and wine, vessels to be used and altar, pulpit and lectern hangings. After the service has completed, guild members then remove and clean up the worship space in preparation for the next service. The Altar Guild serves as a crucial ministry in the life and worship of St. Thomas. Serving on the Altar Guild provides an opportunity for prayer, reflection and spiritual growth as you prepare and disassemble the worship space. Please speak with Mary Dearing if you would like to learn more about this vital ministry.
2016 Altar Guild Schedule

Flower Guild
Have you ever noticed the beautiful flowers and greenery on the altar on Sunday morning? Members of this guild provide seasonal arrangements throughout the church year. A lot of the flowers and greenery come from our yards based on the season of the year. Quite often, the flowers on the altar are taken to people who are not able to worship with us on Sunday morning. Please speak to Anne Feathers about sharing your gifts with flowers!
2016 Flower Guild Schedule

We serve as the ambassadors for St. Thomas as we open our doors for worship in the morning. They also bring the plate offerings and the bread and the wine at the time of communion. This is a fun way for a newcomer to be part of the worship and to meet the people of St. Thomas. Please contact Noel if you have any interest in being a part of this fun ministry.
3rd Quarter Greeter Schedule
4th Quarter Greeter Schedule