Sunday Mornings

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

– Most of the time we serve breakfast at 8:30 with Education/reflection time following from 9:00 to 9:45.

– Worship begins at 10:00 AM so please plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to be seated and begin to prepare for our time together. We usually begin by singing a hymn as the acolytes, choir members, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Priest process and find their places around the altar. We will then observe the Liturgy of the Word which includes the assigned readings from the Old and New Testament and a psalm. The liturgy continues with the singing of another hymn after which the Priest reads the Gospel and continues on with the sermon. After the sermon, the Nicene Creed is said in unison, the prayers of the people are offered to God and we often share the General Confession of Sin and absolution at this time. Then we “pass the peace” and share announcements.

– After the announcements we proceed to the Liturgy at the altar, commonly known as Holy Eucharist. We will read one of the Eucharistic Prayers and share in the bread and wine as representative of the uniting and reconciling presence of Christ. All Baptized Christians are invited to join us at the communion rail to receive the bread and wine. Once communion is finished we will share another prayer and sing a hymn as we process from the church.

– After the service, people will usually linger either inside or outside the church unless we share a meal in the parish hall next door for our First Sunday lunch.

– If you have any questions about our worship service, Father Reid is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.