Stewardship season at St Thomas takes place during the month of September. It is that special time of the year when we acknowledge all the blessings and abundance we receive from our Lord; this is a special time when we commit to returning to Him through our time, talents and resources a portion of what He has so generously provided for us. Stewardship is a vital element of church life; it attends to the ongoing, everyday needs of the church and all members are asked for prayerful consideration as they make stewardship decisions.

The Stewardship Committee adopted Pray, Worship, Serve and Share as the stewardship theme for 2016 and the members of this parish believe that God, indeed, richly blessed them as they prayed, worshiped, served and shared to His glory throughout the year. The stewardship theme will remain the same for 2017.

October 2, 2016 has been designated Stewardship Sunday. Father Reid will offer the members’ tithe and pledge commitments and ask for God’s blessing upon their accumulated desires to pray, worship, serve and share His ministry. Please plan to join the members of St Thomas and celebrate their offering during fellowship at a pot-luck Sunday Lunch that will follow the 10:00 worship service. Everyone is welcomed!