Projects to be completed based on priority as indicated by responses to the Capital Campaign Survey.

$500, 000 Primary Goal

Secure Our Masonry

The mortar on the exterior of our historic church bas been deteriorating for decases to the point where bricks have actually been falling out of the walls the past few years.  Aside from being a safety concern, it is our responsibility to preserve our historic Sanctuary – our house of God – and it is past time to address this very basic need.  Through this campaign, we will repoint the brick and while the scaffolding is up we will also replace the gutters around the Sanctuary and over the Parish Hall door to alleviate moisture problems.

Windows and Security

The Plexiglas covering our gorgeous stained glass windows has aged to an opaque yellow, obstructing the light that makes our windows vibrant. The Plexiglas doesn’t breathe well, which has resulted in damaged window frames and lead discolorations on the stained glass.  Through this campaign, we will finish the process of replacing the Plexiglas with Lexan, and then repairing and painting the window frames.  This will also help us to determine the kind of lighting remediation needed in the Sanctuary.

Electrical and Lighting

Our historic Sanctuary also has historic wiring.  For the sake of both safety and function, we need to rewire the Sanctuary and update the lighting in the Sanctuary, the Sacristy, and the Parish Hall. Through this campaign, we will rewire the Sanctuary and improve the existing lighting while also repairing plaster damage and remediating mildew issues on the Sanctuary walls.

Entryway and Courtyard

We have identified a need to have handicap accessibility to better welcome those who  are experiencing mobility issues.  There is also a long held desire to create a Courtyard to enhance the exterior area between the Sanctuary and the Parish Hall entrances.  Through this campaign, we will utilize a practical design to provide an inviting entrance than incorporates the functionality and accessibility of our facilities. We will also create a cutting garden for our Flower Guild.

Facility Additions

We have a desperate need of storage space.  Through this campaign, we will construct an addition off the hallway between the Sanctuary and the Parish Hall creating ample storage.  This project will also create vesting areas for servers and choir members, improve the Altar Guild space and provide a much needed handicapped

$100,000 Challenge Goal

Should we reach our challenge goal, we will refresh the Parish Hall, repainting and re-carpeting the Parish Hall and the hallway addition linking the Parish Hall to the Sanctuary.  Exterior doors will be replaced, and  the worn, broken chairs used for fellowship program meetings, and events will be replaced with new, more  comfortable models.  Through a successful challenge goal, we will also upgrade the stove ventilation hood with a larger one and provide sprinklers and extinguishing equipment for the safe of safety and code compliance.