Our current Capital Campaign committees and members are listed below.  There are still positions available for anyone who wishes to help or serve.  Please contact any of the committee members if you are interested and we will ensure that you are brought into the flock!

Executive Committee
Cleve Poole (Campaign Chair), Mints McGowin, Reid McCormick

Advance Gifts
Judy Gettys, Bill Hamilton, Magoo Hamilton, Jim McGowin

Kick Off Event
MacDonald Russell, Cissy Jones, Jennie Hamilton, Nedra Crosby

Spiritual Emphasis
Midge Bennett, Priscilla Davis, Lucy McGowin, Mary Dearing, Reid McCormick

Planned Giving
Jim McGowin, Cemira Powellserve

Directors of Gratitude
Jackie McCormick, Suzie Snow, Mary Dearing

Magoo Hamilton, Dent Neilson, Jim McGowin, Anne Feathers, Fleta Richard

Gift Administrators
Kathy Till, Noel Seale

Social Media
Dent Neilson, MacDonald Russell

Paggie McSpadden, Jean Hancock

Friends of St. Thomas
Jean Hancock, Lori Neilson