Adult Education

Dear Friends in Christ 

I am writing to share with you the exciting plans for Sunday morning Adult Sunday gatherings for this fall. We will be examine and ponder the Parable of the Prodigal Son from the perspective of Tim Keller, author and minister by watching his video and publication(s) titled “The Prodigal God.”

We will begin next Sunday September 25 by watching his entire 38 minute video; we will continue on October 9 by watching segments of the video clips and discuss specific aspects of the parable, using the Bible, discussion guide and book as our springboards. This particular parable, which is only found in the 15th chapter of Luke’s Gospel, has been more impacting on me than any other parable I have ever considered. Please join me to dig deeper than what typically occurs by hearing a sermon on it and or recalling the parable in our mind.

 I have purchased 15 discussion guides that will be available for $12 each. There is no need to pick them up in advance. I will make another order for any additional requests.

 Don’t worry if you will not be here this Sunday. I will make the video available in order for you to “catch up” up before the October 9 gathering. So, join us beginning with breakfast this Sunday at 8:30 followed by viewing the video at 9:00 sharp. TCGB.

The Reverend Reid T. McCormick
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Greenville, Alabama